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Cajun Asian Fried Rice

Slap Ya Mama presents our Cajun Asian Fried Dish brought to you by 37 Cooks featuring our signature blend of jambalaya dinner mix and international cuisine for unparalleled flavors. We all have "those days" and sometimes "those weeks" where nothing you planned goes according to plan. Sometimes those days are...

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Cajun Stuffed Pork Chops

[caption id="attachment_626" align="alignright" width="495"] Stuffed Pork Chop[/caption] Ready to eat pork chops Slap Ya Mama style? Introducing Slap Ya Mama's Cajun Stuffed Pork Chops complete with our hot blend, original blend, and Cajun hot sauce to deliver maximum flavor to your meal! Ingredients: 8oz smoked pork tasso, diced (smoked ham)...

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